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Glacier Cast: Deep Pour

Glacier Cast: Deep Pour

We designed this UV Improved casting resin with ease of use and optimal working properties in mind.


GlacierCast: Deep Pour is intended and recommended for deeper or larger pours (1"-3" Per Session), and will take much longer to cure on smaller pieces such as jewelry.


Shallow pours under 1” can be somewhat brittle if not supported properly.


SELECT the DROPDOWN box for container size 

  • Low Viscosity
  • Long pot-life
  • Demold time 2-3 days depending on depth and ambient conditions and pour depth. Deeper pours gel quicker than shallow pours.
  • Recoat time 16-24 hours
  • Yellow resistance: Our raw materials now have a much higher resistance to yellowing than previously.
  • Tremendous bubble release and clarity
  • Low heat buildup
  • Simple mixing instructions
  • Versatile for use with colors
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Minimal torching required 
  • Recommended maximum shelf-life: 1 year


Keep humidity under 60% during pour for optimal results. Too much humidity can result in excess heat and bubbles.



Resin is a blast to work with but remember you must ALWAYS wear a Niosh approved respirator, 5-9 ply nitrile gloves and eye protection when using ANY epoxy resin. 


Call (828)481-9021 for questions! Our customers are our number one priority!

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