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UV Epoxy-Based Pigments

UV Epoxy-Based Pigments

Our tested and true UV Stable Epoxy-Based Pigments are simply fascinating to work with. Natural cell movement when mixed very well into the epoxy, excellent coverage and helps the epoxy cure harder with UV exposure over time. Adds non-yellowing effects to the epoxy you are working with! Great for countertop enthusiasts as base color and awesome for artwork. This product makes getting jaw-dropping effects nearly effortless.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE. Add as desired. Do not exceed 1oz per gal.


Any mixing instructions we provide are intended to instruct proper use of our products. This information is provided for informational purposes only. We do not oversee, train or otherwise take part in user-end application and therefore are not responsible for misuse or mishandlings of our products.


SELECT the DROPDOWN box for container size AND quantity.




Arctic Snow is a solid-opaque bright white that offers immense coverage and is best suited for ocean foam effects or a basecoat in lighter toned countertop designs.

Obsidian is a solid-opaque black that is ultra deep in color with a rich stone-like appearance. Amazing coverage and works great when combined with bright metallic colors.

Espresso is a solid-opaque medium brown with reddish undertones. This color goes great with white, black and tan to create natural stone effects. Coverage is rich, and can be overpowering when used generously with other colors.


Dark Roast is a solid-opaque dark brown with neutral undertones. Can be combined with white to create travertine-like colors or used as an earthy stone base. Excellent coverage and amazing depth. 

Resin is a blast to work with but remember you must ALWAYS wear a Niosh approved respirator, 5-9 ply nitrile gloves and eye protection when using ANY epoxy resin. 

Call (828)481-9021 for questions! Our customers are our number one priority!

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