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Epoxy Products Made in the USA

PoxyTop ® Epoxy and Wood Finishing Professionals offering Epoxy-Based products and Catawba Artisan furniture building services located in the furniture manufacturing capital of Western North Carolina.


Alcohol Inks - Resin Dyes

These translucent dyes give a vibrant glow to your epoxy project while allowing the resin to remain clear. Lightly mix to create smokey effects and experience deep ocean clarity in your beach scene like never before.

Epoxy Based Liquid Pigments

Our Epoxy Based Pigments have a syrup-like consistency and offer amazing cell and marbling effects. These pigments go very far so make sure to mix well.


Our pigments and dyes will last when exposed to UV rays and remain vibrant for years in epoxy.

pour cast.jpeg

Casting Epoxy

Glacier Cast: Deep Pour is a 2" per layer casting resin used for river tables and guitars that allows for unique rolling metallic effects while keeping exothermic heat to a minimum at room temperature.

The art process of pouring epoxy resin into a wooden tray.jpg

Art-Counter Epoxy

Surface Poxy is a thick viscosity countertop and art resin that offers up to 45 minute working time, faster re-coat window and a hard durable finish. Also can be used to cast up to 1" in a single Pour.


We are the proud developer of our product formulations and are continuously working to improve and exceed industry expectations.

Each of our products are created and packaged in house with careful dedication to quality control.


We begin processing orders the day they are received.

Custom built furniture lead time 6-8 weeks
Free shipping on Epoxy Pallet Orders and orders over $500



Give us a call anytime! We will get you in touch with the right person on our team to answer questions regarding our products and services.

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